Wednesday, October 31, 2007

kali's 1st halloween

how cute is KALI here in her little bikini & flower skirt!???!!!
she looks like she is really getting ready for her big
vacation to hawaii next week!

Monday, October 29, 2007

bend girl's nite out

the ladies at wall street

yikes! bachelorettes on the loose!

our chariot- brad's caddie

just married

amy, corey & jess

jess & amy

amy threw a girl's nite out party for me on saturday nite....the girls all met up at amy's for delicious cocktails, dinner & dessert- as well as some sexy gifts and a fun round of the newlywed game! brad chaffeured us all in the caddie to a drag queen revue at the domino room....followed by a drunken walk to joker's- where we had a little dance party, lots of shots and finally were escorted out aka kicked out (thanks colleen!!!!) our last stop was wall street- at which point the bride-to-be threw in the towel and had to call it a nite....jason was nice enough to come take us home in the wee morning hours...whew! big nite. i have to say these bend ladies know how to have a good time...i'm glad i'm only getting married once!!!! i'm getting too old for all of this!

Friday, October 26, 2007

ladies nite-OC

the bride to be hits the dance floor

cherdawg & adri looking cute

tara & salma

mio & jess

the dudes-atlanta style

jess, lis, salma & adri

jen & jess

the dudes & s

jen, adri & tiana tear it up

after my bridal shower, tara (aka dude) planned a girls nite out in the oc.
we started with champagne and french fries at this gorgeous new restaurant mesa (in Costa mesa...) then made our way to
atlanta, this super cheesy dance club in HB...where we took over the dance floor and indulged in washington apple shots and more drinks... good times were had by all!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

the OC shower

the dawgs & campbell

all the yummy treats

skull undies from ldawg

the bride to be, jen & meghan

megan & the pensos

me & my dude

mio, jess, nadia, lis & cherdawg

meghan, me & tiana

a few weeks ago i headed down to my old stomping grounds- "The OC" for my last dress fitting, official bridal business, and a bridal shower! Ldawg hosted the cutest shower on record with the help of Julia, Tiana & Tara (aka Dude). She left no detail to chance, and everything from the food to the flowers (nice job ju-ya!) to the favors and decorations were as cute as can the way-can i tell you she did all this with 2 month old Campbell strapped to her chest?!!! wonder woman! it was so fun to see all the ladies, and i got tons of amazing & racy items....too x-rated to show here....thanks to Ldawg for making it such a special event and to all the OC ladies!!!! i miss you girls!!!!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

the littlest dawg

campbell was getting really jealous of all the kali & ben posts i had to
give him a little love today. here he is showing off the onesie i embroidered
for him at ldawg's baby shower. i can't believe it actually fits him and he's really here!
i got to meet him when i was down in the OC a few weeks ago and he is A-dorable!
and Ldawg looks amazing! like nothing ever happened! i can't wait to see the entire
heit clan in hawaii in a few weeks...getting excited!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

number one

kali is already a month old! here she is...holding up one finger- so everyone knows how old she is.
she did this all on her own, she already knows how to count to ten in english and spanish-
and is working on writing in cursive. she is the smartest baby we know.
(just kidding ben & campbell!)

Monday, October 8, 2007

the beavermania continues!!!

Lin & Lar had their annual football party @ Squirrel's in Corvallis
last week, and how jealous was i that i couldn't be there! Especially
when my maid of honor- Becki (aka Fonse) was there to join
in the festivities all the way from hawaii?! looks like fun times....maybe
we will make a guest appearance next year?

Thursday, October 4, 2007

beaver roadtrip 2007

lar & grandpa nort

linda & me- do we look alike?

grandpa nort & pona (honorary beavers)

the whole gang is in oregon for a few weeks for the annual beaver roadtrip.
everyone came down to sisters/bend between beaver games- it was fun to
hang out with everyone and show off all the home improvements we've
done since they were all here last year!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

uncle thad

this one is a heart melter!!! thad made the long pilgrimage from bend to la last week to see his brand new niece.
i think he got a real taste of the reality of life with a newborn...
too cute!