Tuesday, December 25, 2007

mele kalikimaka 2007!

wishing everyone a very merry christmas!!!!

it's beginning to look alot like christmas...(eve)

it was a white christmas eve here in bend this year!
we started the day with a cross country ski, followed
by the obligatory stop at the cascade lakes brewery
for beer and snacks. on our way home we decided to check
in on preppi (the schmid's really cute cat) and she was super
cute as usual. then we went over to the valdez familia's casa
for a gourmet meal (dee-lish!!!!! thanks jv & sweetness) & 8 bottles of wine....(yikes)

the lairds- bend uber athletes...(ya. right)

snow shakas

my man makes polar fleece look GOOD

how oregonian am i?!!

winter wonderland...for real!

uncle doddler & preppi

jess loves preppi

the xmas eve crew- allie, shane, jv & sweetness

tlc likes a blue furry bag

thad's birthday

i took the day off on thad's birthday and we had such a fun day.
skiing & snowboarding at bachelor, followed by a x-country ski
to the swampy shelter...followed by libations and apps at CLB. a glass of
wine at merenda's turned into two...we happened to spot brad at the
bar and had a couple beers with him and a tequila shot for
the birthday boy...then amy stopped by (she always wears a name tag and a santa hat...)
then mike mudd walked in and bought the crew a bottle of
wine...whew! did i mention we also bought a CANOE from our new
friend eric the bartender?! good times.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

happy birthday thad!!!

happy big 3-2 to my super cute hubbie today!
i couldn't ask for a better, more thoughtful,
smarter, adorable, talented mate! i love you best friend!!!

Monday, December 10, 2007

reunited and it feels so gooooood...

you'll never guess what amy and brad got us
for christmas. what were they trying to do????
outdo their OWN wedding gift (remember the BURRO????)
well. imagine our GLEE when brad comes walking
in with the spitting image of BONKERS MCGEE...thad was
actually mad for a few seconds- thinking the clems had
actually STOLEN bonkers from the punaluu beach house?!
but no....it was actually bonker's sister, FUFU MCGEE.
those industrious clems had remembered the website
on bonkers, googled and searched....called GERMANY and
then located her in CANADA?! wow. best christmas present ever!!!! (BCPE)

introducing....fufu mcgee!

wow. no comment.

nerd alert?!!!

fufu & the clems...(her fave auntie and uncle)

the valdez crew & fufu

uncle, fufu & chewy

oh christmas tree....

we had fun decorating our freshly chopped tree.
mister and frankie needed some help hanging
their personalized ornaments from their grandparents
(thanks lin and lar!!!) and mister's new favorite
nap spot is on our new tree skirt. cuteness!

christmas smooches (i'm addicted to this hat....)

mister gets some help hanging his new ornament

add christmas trees and ornaments to the long list of frankie's NOT so favorite things...

mister's favorite spot

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

kali gets her kristmas on....

how cute is she!!!! love the elfy hood & sly smile!

the bonkers mania continues...

just when you thought the bonkers
madness was finally over...a few new fans
have submitted THEIR portraits with our
favorite blue friend...

marnie (thad's grandma) loves bonkers!!!

thad's mom aka doni aka rainbow aka nona bow poses with bonkers

Sunday, December 2, 2007

winter wonderland...

this weekend was the start of what might be the cutest chrismas on record....the gang all headed into the woods in search of the perfect trees. the whole scene was so cute we could definitely have been filming a target ad...we followed up our succesful expedition with some holiday libations at the clem's- i think this for sure will become our new holiday tradition.

the christmas tree cutting crew

into the wild...the search begins

chewy & ben...(ULTRA cuteness!)

snowbunnies in training

amy & thad

the winner!

the hubbie

amy & jess

Friday, November 23, 2007

bonkers mcgee

we're bonkers for bonkers!!!! i was actually the one to find bonkers
@ the punaluu beach house....we fell in love with bonkers right away-
and it's easy to see why- with his bright blue body, tiny kangaroo
ears and big smile, he's a real heart melter. bonkers became our honeymoon
mascot- and we made it a house rule that everyone who came to
visit had to take a picture with him....enjoy!

i LOVE bonkers

thad & bonkers have their morning coffee

croquet rivals- paul & bonkers

johanna and bonkers

uncle john & bonkers

bonkers & his aunt mia

cousin sarah and bonkers

wally gives bonkers a piano lesson

buck goes BONKERS for bonkers

we love kayaking!

brad and bonkers big fight

amy & bonkers- a wild ride

bonkers loves the clems

the lairds & bonkers