Tuesday, December 30, 2008

first bath!

today was a big day of firsts...first walk
and then jackson's first (non-sponge) bath!
as soon as we got him into
the tub he promptly peed all over himself
and into the bath water....
so we had a bit of a re-do. once he was
in he loved it!

YIKES!!! not sure i'm gonna like this!!

maybe this isn't so bad...?

all clean

NOT loving the bath aftermath...too chilly!

ahhhh. nice and cozy

hangin' on the changing table with mitty apres bath

first walk!

today was the first day in weeks that
it wasn't below freezing, actively snowing or raining
and mostly all the snow has melted-
so we decided to jackson out in the neighborhood
for his first walk in the stroller.
kyle and ben happened to drop by
just as we were heading out- so they came
along and witnessed all the excitement
(aka jackson sleeping thru the whole thing)

Monday, December 29, 2008

one month old!

wow...i can't believe it's already been a month!?!
time sometimes flies and sometimes doesn't
(like at 3am...) BUT, we are having the best time
with this little man...such a sweet guy and getting
cuter and chubbier every day...

beanie baby

so excited---this hat i knitted jackson
before he was born fits! so cute, had to
take a mini photo shoot...

Sunday, December 28, 2008

baby's 1st happy hour

saturday nite we took jackson out for
his official 1st happy hour at decoy downtown.
he was so good, and just slept under the
table in his car seat while we ate and drank...

there's jackson...under the table

the girls

the boys

Friday, December 26, 2008

mele kalikimaka!!!

we had a fun and festive christmas---
it was so great to have most of the family here for the holidays
(we MISSED you grammie lin and grandpa lar!!!!!)
and super special since it was jackson's first christmas

whew....biiiiig day for JZ

matching reyn's xmas outfits from cap'n!

cap'n, me & jz

kali and unkie

JZ's shirt will fit perfectly next xmas

dad & baby matching shirts!

our original christmas miracle

thad models his fancy fishing waders from santa

proud grandparents

thad, j & nona

jackson can't wait to watch his new dvd from kali

jackson's 1st christmas!

thad, j & auntie

lots of presents under the tree...

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

the eve

kali & nona show off their party outfits

the original lairds

rick & thad

thad & jackson

kali in the snow

catching snow flakes...

all bundled up!

the venables

cap'n, kali & nona

sara & kali

random cuteness

daddy baby time

he's awake!

sooooo big

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

kali meets ben!

ben came over to hang out with kali
and they had a great time chasing each
other around and even smooched for a few
photo ops....so cute!

going in for the smooch

pre smooch

big news...

jz's belly button is now umbilical cord free!
the stump fell off yesterday on his 3 week birthday- yipeee!
here he is showing off his cute big kid belly button...