Sunday, February 28, 2010

zoo crew

we had quite an entourage at the zoo this trip!
we met up with the chun family who were visiting from utah.
it was so great to catch up with spencer and meet his adorable fam!
uncle spence even treated us all to a ride on the zoo train.
good fun.

the big apple

i made a quick and snowy work trip to nyc.
despite being there during the 4th biggest snowstorm
in the history of the state and my boots being filled
with water the entire time---i still managed to
shop til i dropped, and sample cupcakes at 3 different
locations. my new vote for best red velvet i've ever had---
billy's bakery. oh man. dee-lish!!!!

snowy morning in brooklyn

the blizzard of 2010

award winning red velvet @ billy's

Sunday, February 21, 2010

nerd alert!!!

fonse turned me on to geocaching during her visit.
it's basically a high tech treasure hunt-
you get your clue (gps co-ordinates) online and go searching
for treasure! you bring a little trinket to leave in the cache,
take a little trinket from the cache and sign a little logbook.
good, clean, nerdy fun!

geocacher in training!

the sensei

the cache!!! in it's top secret hiding spot.

even jackie came along

Saturday, February 20, 2010

bon jovi or bust!

my super awesome husband surprised me not once-
but twice this christmas.
surprise #1: 2 tickets to the bon jovi concert in seattle.
surprise #2: he talked fonse into flying in from hawaii for the show. yeeehaw!!!!
we drove up to seattle, stayed at a fancy hotel, shopped,
went to happy hour, rocked out at the concert
(and we could practically touch jon bon jovi and richie
from our excellent seats in row 15),
we enjoyed late nite room service, and what trip (or weekend)
would be complete without cupcakes...
best time EVER!!!!!!!!!

bon jovi for LIFE!

still rockin' at age own american idol.

i heart the space needle.

cute mini cupcake at cupcake royale

Friday, February 19, 2010

Sunday, February 14, 2010

valentine's day

valentine's day just happens to be my all time favorite holiday
and we sure did have a festive one around here.
there were gifts, flowers, cards, chocolates,
valentine themed outfits,lots of cupcakes and
even heart shaped food...
already counting down the days til next year.

heart shaped pancakes & valentine pirate pjs=cute

homemade red velvet. YUM.

heart cupcakes- thad gave me the kit for v-day...loved these!

kisses for monkey (french kisses...?)


a budding artiste, with his very first crayons

jackson's new obsession- (my scarf) he likes to accessorize!

SUPER excited.

crazy boy...

Monday, February 8, 2010

cannon beach

we spent the weekend in cannon beach and
had the best time relaxing, hanging out at the beach,
fishing (thad), window shopping (jz & me) and enjoying the sunny
weather and awesome sunsets.

low rider

day 2-dawn patrol

while thad got in some fishing, jackson and i hit the beach.
jackson could have stayed down there all day, crawling,
climbing, and eating sand in his pjs...

the grey whale motel- our home away from home

stairs to the sand

field trip-astoria & seaside

we drove north to astoria to check out the goonies movie locations,
climb 164 steps to the top of the astoria column,
spend about 3 minutes in washington,
then stop in seaside for lunch and
take jackson on his very 1st merry-go-round ride...
a trip highlight and lifelong memory for sure.

thad checking out the jail from goonies

the astoria column-(look closely and you can see thad)

a perfect day and great view of the columbia river

the view from the top!

the carousel in seaside
(i'm laughing so hard i'm pretty much crying here)

jackson holding on for dear life

round & round-the movie

back to the beach

super, SUPER excited to be back at the beach

crawling off into the sunset