Friday, November 23, 2007

bonkers mcgee

we're bonkers for bonkers!!!! i was actually the one to find bonkers
@ the punaluu beach house....we fell in love with bonkers right away-
and it's easy to see why- with his bright blue body, tiny kangaroo
ears and big smile, he's a real heart melter. bonkers became our honeymoon
mascot- and we made it a house rule that everyone who came to
visit had to take a picture with him....enjoy!

i LOVE bonkers

thad & bonkers have their morning coffee

croquet rivals- paul & bonkers

johanna and bonkers

uncle john & bonkers

bonkers & his aunt mia

cousin sarah and bonkers

wally gives bonkers a piano lesson

buck goes BONKERS for bonkers

we love kayaking!

brad and bonkers big fight

amy & bonkers- a wild ride

bonkers loves the clems

the lairds & bonkers

the laird's 1st thanksgiving

mister shows the turkey leg who's boss...

thad and his bird

ready for the main event

frankie's mini feast

we decided after all the socializing we did in hawaii the last few weeks,
we'd do our own, low-key thanksgiving at home this year.
we spent all day cooking, assembled our new table (chairs are on the way!!),
busted out the new china and dressed up for the feast.
even mister and frankie got their own mini plates and loved it!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

best wedding ever (bwe)

mr & mrs laird

the gorgeous aisle, with the mokuluas in the background

kyle, benny & sam hall

jbird taking her flowergirl duties VERY seriously

the groom & his best (wo)man sister sara

right after the big kiss


our new and IMPROVED family- cute!

best wedding party ever (bwpe)


well, it's official kids! we're married!
we couldn't have asked for a more perfect day
for our big event. gorgeous blue skies, no wind- it was amazing!
thank you to all our family and friends that
made the trip to hawaii to celebrate with us!
more photos to come!

Saturday, November 3, 2007

and....we're off!

well folks, we are finally packing it up and leaving for hawaii. to get MARRIED. wow. a year ago when we first started planning this whole thing, this day seemed so far off- like it would never be here...and poof! here we are. yesterday i was diligently checking off my to do lists and things for us to remember- do you have the rings?! do you have your shoes? where are my earrings?!!! where's our flight info? i was having trouble sleeping last nite with all the excitement, anticipation and craziness of it all swirling around in my head...also the random thoughts of things we'd forgotten to pack...a belt for THAD!!!? i think in the grand scheme of it all, years from now when we look back on these days preceeding "the big event" we will remember all the fun times, the preparation, the festivities and friends...not all these teeny tiny details i like to consume myself wedding resolution is: don't sweat the small stuff (gross saying...i know) but it's true. we're outta here, and i couldn't be MORE excited!!!! alooooooha!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

monchichi, monchichi...oh so soft and cuddly

solo mochichi

amy is such a chicken!

brad & amy

chickens love monchichis

kyle & corey=gang green...get it?!

yikes! gang green attacks the monchichi

christine & jason

over a month ago, thad and i made the group decision that we were going to be
matching monchichis for halloween. we were going to hold hands and skip around
the party all nite singing the monchichi theme song...little did we know poor thad
would have a horrible sinus infection and not be able to don his monchichi suit?!
so sad....but i soldiered on, and represented the family proudly in my monchichi get
up last nite at kyle & corey's halloween party. there were some super creative costumes (amy MADE her chicken suit!!!?)
and it was lots of fun. thad was sad to miss all the festive fun, and promised that we'll be
the monchichi duo at the next costume party...