Tuesday, March 31, 2009

jz's operetta-the movie

jackson has REALLY found his voice
in the last few weeks...he's been doing
a ton of this shrieking lately-
music to our ears...ha


droolmaster extraordinaire

rice cereal- the movie

jackson's doctor gave us the green light
to try some rice cereal.
he said if jz spits it right out,
then he isn't quite ready...hmmm.
judging from his reaction---
maybe we'll try again in a few weeks?

rice cereal. the aftermath


jz and uncle kyle really bonded this weekend-
uncle kyle was seen giving jackson a mani/pedi,
helping with dipe and outfit changes,
being supportive during the rice cereal trial run
and showing jackson (or jackin as ben would say)
how to check email...

my munkie

yum. tastes good.

general cuteness

Monday, March 23, 2009

Sunday, March 22, 2009

chatty cathy-the movie

chatterbox-the movie


the schmid crew came to see our new
digs on their way home from portland.
yipeee! visitors!!! we gave them the
grand tour-including a walk to the pond.
we miss you guys!!! come back soon!!!

benny checking out jz's toes

the schmid fam

benny on the loose

baby bjorn-ing in mo-town

the boys

the next generation

the crew: jackson laird, ben schmid, miss kate hall

a match made in heaven...

miss kate and jackson are just a month
apart...kate's the older woman...wouldn't
it be great if these two got married one day?!
we'd have awesome pics for their wedding
slide show!!!

good times-portland edition

the halls, schmids and lairds converged in
portland this weekend for some hanging out,
beer drinking, pramming, ping pong and
general merry making. it was so fun getting
all the kiddos together (big and small) and
catching up with all our good friends. as we drove
back to our new home in molalla, we couldn't
help but wish we all lived just a little bit closer...

boys & babies

thad meets miss kate

taking a walk

auntie b and the babies

uncle d reading to the boys

auntie jess and miss kate

b and kate & sam and jz

jz kicks it mid century modern style

a little ping pong action

auntie chewy and jz

of course i had to get cupcakes...

minis! YUM!!!


uncle d and benny

a toy horse chained to the sidewalk...how URBAN!?

uncle kyle leading the baby brigade

someone found their toes!

who let the dawgs out...

jackson got to meet his auntie ldawg finally!!!
we met up near portland for some coffee talk and window
shopping- jackson got to spend some quality
time with his auntie and took his first (of many)
trips to forever 21...miss you dawg!!!!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

molalla moments

well....we made it.
we got our u-haul unloaded and
are slowly getting our stuff situated
and organized in our new
600 sq ft ultra modern palace.
jackson seems to like our new house-
and was a total trooper during our
many hours of driving and unpacking.

checking out the view

good times with boppy

just hanging out

Thursday, March 12, 2009

movin' to molalla-part two

so exactly 24 hours after returning
from molalla the first time around,
we had about 70% of our belongings
packed in a u-haul and were on our
way back over the hill...jz and i followed
thad in the u-haul
and i got some great pics of our little road trip.

and....we're off!

the journey begins!

getting out of bend

heading out- mt jefferson on the right

santiam pass- clear and sunny

getting closer...

welcome to the country!

thad & jz celebrate our arrival

thad & the precious cargo

morning in molalla with mt hood in the background