Saturday, August 27, 2011

lincoln city sleepover

thad and i took off for a solo night at the coast,
while nana graciously offered to watch jackie.
we stayed at the inn at spanish head,
hung out at the beach, got room service dinner and breakfast
and had a good ol' time.

not a bad way to start off a trip


jess + balcony + sunset

a beach bird


thad on the rocks

..primo in the lineup, nice!

a frosty beer, oceanside at the pelican brewery

Sunday, August 21, 2011

nana + marnie

marnie made the big move to oregon last week and
was a total trooper! jackie LOVED visiting marnie and
nana at their hotel, playing with their remotes, pretending
to sleep in their bed and swimming at the hotel pool.

jackie teaching marnie how to use an iphone

marnie and thad

being crazy with nana at the pool

sad that the jacuzzi is too hot

Friday, August 19, 2011


as the finale of our trip, we stopped in las vegas
to do some shopping and check out the
neon museum which was
completely and totally awesome....even in 100 degree heat.

group shot on the balcony @ mix...64th floor of The Hotel
tate, lizzy, me, vanessa

all dolled up

vanessa + lizzy + penny slots

the neon boneyard

see ya, vegas!!!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


as part of our trip, we did a mini "roadtrip"
to las vegas from orange county. (my job is hard...i know....)
we stopped off at calico ghost town and
buffalo bills to ride the desperado roller coaster
(it gave me whiplash) and ate bad fast food along the way.

on the way to calico

lizzy + a coal car

me + vanessa (vanessa and i...sorry nana)

lizzy + tate

tickets to ride

the desperado @ buffalo bill's

Sunday, August 14, 2011

la + oc

i was in la & orange county for a few days with my work team.
it was great to be back in the old 'hood and see a couple
old friends along the way. highlights included the
rosebowl flea market, lunch at umami burger,
a trip to olvera street for souvies, seeing two day old Luca,
a fancy dinner at A restaurant
and staying at the semi-new shorebreak hotel in huntington.
a great trip!

the rosebowl- some fun orange letters

a rusty bottle cap collection

sparkly helmets

olvera street- tate and a plastic burger

wrestling masks galore

$9.95 guitars...i got one for jackie...WITH his name on it. awesome!

yum. i highly recommend

the "manly" burger. it was manly. over the top.

cheesy tots. like regular tots aren't amazing enough? OMG!

the view from my room at the shorebreak- the hb pier

the work girls in laguna (l to r)
tate, lizzy, me, vanessa

loved this stuff...back in 1985

sweet baby luca, 2 days old!!!! congrats, auntie dude!

my fancy martini @ A Restaurant