Thursday, August 30, 2007

babydawg's a boy!!!

at long last, i am proud to introduce....the very small,
and VERY handsome offspring of elizabeth (ldawg) & justin heit

Campbell George Heit
5lbs 14oz
19 inches long

woo hoo!!! i am pretty much FREAKING out that i can't jump
on a plane and see this baby in person...i've got to wait
6 more weeks....akkk!
xoxoxoxo congrats heit family!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

cultus lake

today we headed up to Cultus Lake for the day. thad and jason went on a ride, while christine, sampson, clyde and i took a walk around the lake. it was a sunny summer day, and gorgeous out. sampson and clyde frolicked in the water and are total BFFs. we all had some coronas on the patio at the lodge and listened to possibly the best musak/80's music station ever. we love summer.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

get em while they're hot!

after years of blood, sweat and tons of hard work (on the part of my extremely talented fiance)- thad's climbing book (climber's guide to north idaho and the cabinet wilderness) is finally available for all to enjoy. the book is available to buy online at and if you're lucky enough to live in bend, you might just be able to get the author to sign your copy.
very proud over here folks, very proud.

happy birthday amy & brad!

tuesday nite a group of us got together @ the old mill martini bar to celebrate the clem's bdays. the diamond 100 was delicious, the crab fitters were awesome, and mike mudd was out of control with the round of jaeger usual, ben stole the show and got passed around and photographed far too much (by me...) a good time was had by all, and we especially enjoyed brad's performance (sorry guys...a little too x-rated for this blog)

quadra living- part 2

my first trip up to the laird's house on quadra island, bc was fabulous! it was so fun to have the whole crew up there together. i have been hearing so much about this place for so long, it was awesome to experience it all for myself. some of the many highlights: i went clamming for the first time ever, we ate practically illegal quantities of oysters prepared in all manner of ways, drank lots of wine, ate way to much at every meal, i got to meet thad's aunts, uncle, and cousin sarah and wally, and had a great time just hanging out. i feel lucky to be gaining such a fun and wonderful family and can't wait for our next quadra trip.

sara's baby shower (canadian style)

thad's mom decided we should have a little tea party/baby shower for sara (due at the end of september) while we were all up in quadra. so we kicked the guys out of the house....thad and rick went on a scenic canoe ride for two. while the ladies feasted on cute sandwiches, tea and tasty goodies. the guys couldn't stay away for long- and came back just in time for present opening. sara got tons of cute stuff and there were choruses of "cute" and "awwwww" all over the place.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

we grew these!!!

can you believe these gorgeous lillies are just GROWING in our front yard?! crazy! up until now i always thought you could only BUY this kind of prettiness from the flower section at trader joe's?! and for someone who can barely keep a cactus alive, this is kind of a big deal.

gnome sweet gnome

this guy, originally purchased with ldawg at the long beach flea market is posted up at our front
entry to welcome all our friends. i love a good gnome...

let there be grass!

all summer we (alright...maybe mostly thad?!) have toiled and worked, and dug, and watered and shovelled and manual labored to get our yard in shape. about a month ago thad (assisted by our GOOD friend and christine helped too!!!!) put sod in the back yard and has been diligently tending to it everyday. after months and months of trips to the eastside gardens, the dump and instant landscaping for plants, wood chips, river rocks, compost, etc...all the hard work has finally paid off. woo hoo!!!!

mister loves sparkle

here's mister hanging out with his best friend sparkle (short for sparkle monkey) out on the deck this morning. Mister has had a number of "sparkles" throughout his life, but this particular one (maybe his 6th?) originally bought in the oc, then made the trip up to bend with us, and has been by Mister's side every day since. Mister doesn't like Frankie to play with sparkle, and although i've tried to buy him replacement sparkles (since this one is old and nasty...) he won't accept them. who knew a dog's best friend was really a cat toy??

Friday, August 3, 2007


ben's super cool parents, corey and kyle decided to throw luau last nite in his honor. ben made a guest appearance later in the evening, only to be harassed, passed around and dressed up by family and friends (he'd better get used to it!!!) there was ONO food from kona mix plate and lots of awesome aloha attire. a festive time was had by all.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Quadra Living

thad has been at his parent's house on quadra island for almost a week- and from the looks of this picture he's not having a very fun time without me...can't wait to get up there and check it out!