Saturday, August 30, 2014

Saturday, August 9, 2014

on the road again...

we left thad in quadra to do more fishing, and hit the road with grammie and grampie. we spent the night in victoria, before heading for portland in the morning. such a fun, family-filled vacation!!!

goats on the roof…at goats on the roof in coombs, bc

pizza + caprese salad at cuckoo

jackie got his own pizza

jackson started a marble collection

walking around in victoria…look what we found!

the parliament building in victoria

jackie + grampie checking things out

we took a stroll through the beautiful empress hotel

city lights

an awesome street performer juggling flaming pins!

en route to portland…jackson did NOT like gram pie's choice of music
grammie to the rescue, with her bottle of magical lavender oil

Thursday, August 7, 2014

quadra- family fun

cutie cousins
yay!!! (i bribed them with gummy sharks)

sarah + saoirse

saoirse, sarah + aine

sweet saoirse 

bye, quadra!!!! we'll miss you nana + cappy!!!!!

quadra- beach. beach + more beach

the guys on a rock

grammie + her walking stick

mission accomplished- we found the sea monster petroglyph

beach treasures

grammie + grampie

beach boy

bringing the driftwood up from the beach

stand up paddle board day at rebecca spit…thad gives jackie a ride

jackie, thad + cappy

nana was a VERY good SUP-er

nana + thad waaaay out there

grammie's turn

grampie + thad
my turn

jackie takes a turn paddling
jackie loved wearing his life vest…even on shore

hey, grammie! like my hat?

jackson thinks captain's beach nap is pretty funny

and…here's what happens when the parents leave the beach early…
the grandparents let the 5 year old hang out on the party raft with strangers...

and pose with BEER?! jeez, guys!!!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

quadra- part III

grammie + grampie's 1st trip to quadra!

fun on the stump
leave some berries for someone else, jackie!

poutine at the heriot bay inn

after lunch walk on the dock

heriot bay marina

jackie outside the pub

boys on the beach

grampie + jackie, walking down the road

the view from the deck at Gowlland Harbour

grampie, jackie + grammie

putting green at Gowlland Harbour

Chef Marianna, presenting jackie with his made to order meal

thad's dinner. YUM

nana + grampie- paella partners

after dinner walk on the rocks