Wednesday, October 31, 2012

trick or treat 2012

halloween 2012 was a success! i got the mister costume done just in time and it turned out super cute- but i will NEVER sew fake fur again! ick!!! jackson loved trick or treating and asked at every house if they had a "show" (aka tv). he got tons of candy and we all had a great time- loving our new neighborhood!!!
jackie + mister (halloween costume muse)
planning his trick or treat strategy

up close. whiskers were smeared before we even walked out the door

hanging out with ida

headin' out! look out carlton court, here comes jackie!

thad and jackie off to the first house

dylan, chaz, lizzy and ida- trick or treat escorts
trick or treat!!!
more trick or treating
off to the next house
boy on a mission

trick or treat!!!! anyone home?!!!

welcome home!

checking out his loot

captain america!

the captain america costume makes a second appearance for the halloween party at school.
yeah!!! ready to fight crime at pre-k

the mask didn't last long

Saturday, October 27, 2012

cookie monster

decorating cookies with jackson involves some decorating and lots of sprinkle eating...
yay cookies!

i'll put a little frosting right here...

and a little here...

and i'll eat some sprinkles

the chef at work
finished product...

Friday, October 26, 2012

school halloween party

the school halloween party was really fun! tons of games, prizes, crafts and candy. jackson's real costume wasn't ready- so a last minute costume run was in order. he told us he wanted to be either a "girl witch, hello kitty or spiderman" none of which i could find last minute- so captain america it was! (bought for $7.49 at rite aid. score!)
captain america close up!
jackson getting some tips on shooting the nerf gun from miss lisa
playing bean bag toss

cupcake decorating 
cupcake eating

cheating at the ping pong ball fishing game

Saturday, October 13, 2012

party at the pumpkin patch

jagar, vallen & julian had their birthday party at the pumpkin patch. there was a petting zoo, awesome crafts, bouncy houses, a slide and tons of awesome food...we had the best time!
lee farms- awesome pumpkin patch!
petting a baby chick with auntie lizzy at the petting zoo
boys in boots- julian and jackson working on their masks
julian (one of the birthday boys) and jackson
mask done!

jagar (another birthday boy) jumping on the massive trampoline

julian having fun on the slide
jackie's turn
vanessa (mom of the birthday boys) lighting candles on the spooky cake

vallen (final birthday boy) evidently loved his cupcake

the birthday twins and jackson checking out the farm equipment

pinata aftermath!!!!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

nana & cap'n come to town

nana & captain came to town and we had a great visit (not enough photos to show for it though!) while the guys worked on the yard, nana took jackie to the park, the pumpkin patch and kept him busy with walks in the neighborhood and halloween crafting. always fun to have the grandparents in town.
reading fly guy with nana
pumpkin patch find
gorgeous day for the pumpkin patch with nana
celebrating captain's big 70th (a week late) with cupcakes

working at the art table on some halloween crafts

Sunday, October 7, 2012

beach boys

75 and the oregon october...believe it!
october at the coast! woo hoo!
the boys at arch cape
just hanging out

the little nudist 

happy kid
that way to the beach!
cannon beach

dinner @ the lumberyard in cannon beach