Sunday, June 28, 2015

Friday, June 26, 2015

happy birthday, grampster!

we had a yummy dinner at Merriweather's to celebrate grampie's bay

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Sunday, June 21, 2015

deedo day-waikiki style

happy father's day, deedo!!! we love you!!!!

waikiki beach

jackie & diamond head

gorgeous view

house without a key
a virgin strawberry daiquiri & a mai tai 

live hawaiian music & a rainbow. 

next stop, the royal hawaiian

they make a pretty good mai tai too!

hula dancer

the boys

back to the sheraton for the 3D light show at the pool

Saturday, June 20, 2015

fonse time

josh got thad a man present. BEER. lots of beer.

i got a spam musubi making lesson from fonse. she's the master

jackson and cody loved battling each other at mine craft

the adults went out on the town. 1st stop, side street.

and…malasadas for dessert

josh acting out

auntie fonse made the boys breakfast…table for two, poolside

bye, stinsons!!! thanks for having us!!!!!

next generation

these kids don't get to see each other often enough. but when they do, it's pretty cute. we bribed them with a special treat to have this photo shoot!
ka'oli (2), cappy (5), jackson (6) & cody (4)

waimanalo beach day

reunited!!! sar, jess, fonse & ambie
the next generation, hard at work digging a hole

cody, ka'oli, jackie, cappy & jarad.  

fonse, ambie & jess

snacking on one of auntie fonse's famous musubis

shasha, jade & dre

josh & cody

thad & jackie

hawaii times

kohl, thad & jackie
fun seeing lots of friends at shasha & niki's

beach picnic hugs

sand shampoo at lanikai

family selfie at lanikai

ava & jai's wedding.  lots of little boys in blue aka "the 7-up gang"

long lost friends! courtney & thad

koalani & jackie boy

an after beach stop at bubbie's…one of our faves!

Friday, June 19, 2015

turtle bay- part 2

we couldn't get this guy out of the pool

thad tests out the slide…it's fun!

jackie's 1st (of about 50) turns on the slide

this is the life!

poolside maitais

local boy

sun bums

it's chopper! from Magnum PI

someone likes hotel life

lunch at giovanni's shrimp truck. the best.