Saturday, July 30, 2011

jaimee + jackie

jaimee came to visit and finally got to meet jackson! yay!
she treated us to a super fancy lunch at papa haydn (YUM!)
as an extra bonus, she also gave jackson
a vanilla glitter princess lip gloss that kept him busy for hours.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

farewell dinner

we went to asia manoa for our last night in hawaii dinner.
nana made a guest appearance, and jackie decided
drinking sweet and sour sauce and
eating rice with the serving spoon was the right thing to do.
i will be dreaming of cake noodle until we visit again. yum!

someone here is NOT using party manners

nana and jackie

shave ice!

auntie fonse told us about uncle clay's house of pure aloha
shave ice place and we are total devotees.
all the syrups are homemade and DEE-lish.
we "shared" a lilikoi/strawberry with dream sauce.
jackson LOVED it!

one more visit with cody

can't wait to see you in november, stinsons!!!!

cody and mommy fonsey

coming in for a kissy

jackson + the ladies

we had a blast at lanikai with ambie and cappy.
it started raining, but luckily auntie ambie came
prepared with her beach tent and plenty of snacks.
good times, good times.

super scenic

ambie & cappy

trying out cappy's boogie board

loving it

staying out of the rain

cappy's in the tent too!

the bunker

modeling my hat

self portrait

Monday, July 25, 2011

auntie's house

we got to spend lots of quality time with
"baby co-dee" while we were home.
he is wise like an owl and just the cutest, most
mellow little guy. jackie loved auntie's house,
since he gave him ALL their "gamotes" and tucked
him in to watch wow wow wubbzy. he was in heaven.

kisses for cody

standing up

tucked in, with remotes. doesn't get much better...

jz + jl beach day

dinner party

we had a fun evening at the makaiau abode.
jarad bbq'ed for the ladies while we talked story
and chased the kiddos around. so nice to
catch up with the hawaii crew.

keiki in the hammock

cappy pushing jackie, maya & ambie

ambie feeding cappy lilikoi

cute cappy

he's up! he's up!

super cute sleepy cody

Sunday, July 24, 2011


cappy close up

boogie boarding with uncle jarad

sharing mint chip with grampie

pool party

jackie & grammie getting splashed by grampie

fun with grampie

Saturday, July 23, 2011

sesame street live

grampie got us tickets to sesame street live.
we were skeptical as to how jackie would react
to his first time at a theater- but he did great.
he watched, danced in the aisles and told us
"that's a good show" when it was all over.


walking to the theater

all dressed up in aloha attire and a new kukui nut lei

waiting for the show to start

sitting with grammie

watching with grampie