Monday, August 30, 2010

we can't hear you!!!

laughs at russell street bbq

Sunday, August 22, 2010

the lindy!

the schmids lent us their very well appointed
home-away-from-home-on-wheels, the lindy
for our summer 2010 camping extravaganza!!!!
i wonder where the open road will take us?

baby on board

lava lake- the fun begins

we spent our first night camping at lava lake.
jackson was a little wary of the freezing cold water,
and we were wary of camping for 4 days with a crazy
toddler...but sometimes you just gotta go for it.

not so sure about this...

dusk at lava lake

boy on a log

crater lake

wow! crater lake was totally awe inspiring.
did you know it's the deepest lake in the united states?
believe it! the lindy handled the drive with NO
problem and the views were completely spectacular.

a cute boy on a rock

beautiful. deep. cold (i bet?)

ahhhh, the majestic lindy

sexy lindy close up

relaxing at the lodge

river rats

our campsite at toketee was right on the north umpqua
river. a very pretty river with really cold water.
thad had a successful fishing session and jackson
loved rock collecting at the water's edge.

thad + brown trout photo op (16 inches!!!)


day tripping

we took a day trip and checked out a few
spots nearby- lemolo lake and diamond lake.
jackson loved playing in the water and
we loved seeing his that baby beach bod.

lemolo lake

thad acting up in the parking lot of the umpqua hot springs
(we didn't get to check it out, since jackie was napping in the lindy)

proof of naptime. tuckered out.

pretty, pretty & more pretty.

a walk in the woods

an afternoon walk (and a nap) on the north umpqua trail.

heading out

picking flowers


jackson was fascinated by the campfire and
didn't even go running straight into it-a miracle!
and i must say, the three smores i had were
well worth thad's fire making efforts. yum!

checking it out

putting stuff in this (empty) can is fun...
but how do i get the stuff out?!

toketee falls

the boys by a really big, really old tree