Sunday, May 31, 2009

go bananas-the movie

yum yum

jackson LOVES this...frozen bananas=yum!
*can you see the teeth!!?

Saturday, May 30, 2009

cap'n and jz

everyone keeps saying how much
jackson looks like cap' they are
spending some quality time together on the farm

japanese garden

do we like a garden around here or WHAT?!
we also went to the japanese garden, since
it's in the same park as the rose gardens, and
we DO love a tram ride! we were very impressed-
this was for sure my favorite stop on our pacific
nw garden extravaganza...

look closely...can you see the teeth!!!?

we got some cute pics before we got kicked off the grass

thad and jz

nana and cap'n

great view of portland

rose gardens

we checked out the portland rose gardens
maybe a week to early---since most of the roses
were just about to bloom (just in time for the
rose festival next week), but we still saw some
REALLY pretty roses and even gave ourselves rose garden names
carefully selected from ACTUAL rose varieties (nerds!!!)
nana= miami moon
cap'n= funny face
thad= dream come true
jess= touch of class
jackson slept the whole time so he didn't get a name...maybe next time?!

we love roses and gardens.

a gorgeous day in pdx

nana makes a friend

roses make jackson sleepy...

Thursday, May 28, 2009

oregon garden

ana and cap'n are staying at the oregon garden resort,
so we went for the official oregon garden tour
yesterday, which also included jz's first TRAM ride...
who doesn't love a tram ride, right?! we felt like we were
at universal studios, minus the fake flood and jaws popping out of
the water...we walked around a bit after the tour
and checked out all the gorgeous trees and plants.

thad and nana

lairds on a tram

my fave part- the eco roof!


dr seuss trees

jz and dad hanging in the lounge

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

nana and cap'n!

nana* and cap'n have arrived in our neck o' the woods!
*for those of you confused...nana is nona/nonabow/rainbow's
new grandma name given to her by kali- so we'll just refer to her
as "nana" from here on out...
on their first day visiting, cap'n and thad went on a hike at
silver falls while nana, jz and i did a nature walk, checked out
the falls and hung out in the shade. we followed up the park
with lunch at mac's place- a tasty biker bar in silverton that allowed babies! yipee!

jz's first biker bar! excuse the major drool, we're TEETHING people!!!

cap'n and nana with jz at silver falls

nana with jz and mister

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


ldawg, jbird and campbell were in portland this weekend
and we got to spend some time skylarking with them. of course we
made the boys wear matching shirts for their many photo-ops...
and i couldn't believe how grown up and mature jbird is!!!
from the minute we walked in the door she was doting on
jackson, helping me with diaper changes, carrying him around
and pramming him through the mall...such a great cousin!
and campbell is a total mischief maker, always with a sly smile....
i so wish we all lived closer, these visits are just too few and far between!!!


jbird and jdawg

the motley crew...notice the matching tees!!!

snuggling up

matchy-matchy dawgs, the 2nd generation

hooligan in training

ldawg, campbell & jbird

fast friends

all tucked in...

Sunday, May 24, 2009

dough boy

who says...

you can't teach an old dog new tricks!?
we'll call this one "the mitty helmet"

life o' leisure