Wednesday, October 29, 2008


thad and mitty took a little nap after working
hard on ziggy's is REALLY looking cute!

34 weeks

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

home sweet home

1 trip to hawaii
11 trips to the OC
1 road trip to quadra
2 trips to australia
1 trip to china
i am officially home.

no more traveling til after the new year...
no more taking just my little black carry-on
for a week long trip...soon we'll be joining
the ranks of those people i always feel so sorry for
at the airport...the ones with the crying baby,
the stroller, the diaper bag, the car seat...
the ones with all the STUFF.
it's about to be a whole new deal here for us-
i am ready to settle in, give in to my nesting
urges and GET ready!!!!

33 weeks

getting close over here people....
hangin' in there!

Monday, October 20, 2008

ziggy's oc shower

jaimee and her team of helpers went above and beyond
this weekend and threw ziggy SUCH a cute shower.
the highlights were the poof balls and all jaimee's
crafty touches, the dee-lish food and cupcakes and the
baby thad and baby mister decorations!?!
thanks to all the party guests for making it such a memorable
celebration!!!! xoxoxos

party poofs- so festive

showing off my thad and mister pins

jen, jill (t's mom) and t

cherdawg & chels

baby thad and baby mister decor

chels, cherdawg, me, jen & meghan

ldawg, me & janeykins

me & sara

jaimee's gourmet lunch spread

perfect cupcakes by ldawg!

jaimee shows us how to play the cotton ball game

auntie meghan works on her technique

i wasn't so great at the game...

chels was REALLY bad at the game....0 cotton balls!!!

auntie carrie really getting into it

auntie sara-grand prize WINNER of the cotton ball game!!!

ava sports her baby thad pin

present time!

me & jen

too many mimosas for t!

Sunday, October 19, 2008're IT!

k. so chewy just "tagged" me on her blog...
who knew there were games in bloggerland?!
the real rules are that you have to post the 6th photo you ever posted
on your blog. but my 6th photo was SUPER random.
so i'm changing the rules to the 7th photo!!!
i'm feeling rebellious over here.
so ldawg- post the 7th photo you ever posted to your
blog, and then tag someone else. good times!!!!!

my 7th photo: me in tienamen square last june on a work trip...taken
by mr jason valdez. i remember being EXCESSIVELY hot that day,
walking across that huge, historical expanse of concrete...

Friday, October 10, 2008

ziggy update

we had another ultrasound this morning to check in
on the little man...the little man is NOT so little.
our doctor has been saying he's been measuring a bit
big for the last few she ordered another ultrasound
to make sure everything is a-ok in there.

he's weighing in at 4lbs, 6oz...
and measuring like he's 32 weeks, rather than 31.
so more like his due date is around december 3rd,
instead of december 9th. we will see!
he is head down, feet up in my ribs.
seems like he's running out of room in there, compared
to our last photos from july.
we were so excited to see him again.
he's the cutest. smartest. coolest zygote ever.

up close and personal. SO cute.

smoochy close up...who's NOSE is that?!

how you know you live in bend...

there's SNOW on the ground on october 10th?!
really, anything is possible around here.
the weather reports were right! it snowed last
nite and we woke up to actual snow on the ground this morning.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


i hung out with ben for a bit the other night---
great practice for what we've got in store for us in
the very near future, right!?
he is so grown up, walking, running, talking like crazy
and SUPER into reading books and coloring...
totally a toddler these days!

31 weeks

not the most flattering pic of me...but ziggy and mister are looking good!

Monday, October 6, 2008

kali! so cute!!!

kali officially turned the big numero uno a few weeks ago
(she had her bday luau a little early)
and she is walking (from what we see on video) and chatting
and is the cutest little blondie around!
we can't wait to see her in real life in december!!!!

Friday, October 3, 2008

how you know it's fall in bend

the smallest great pumpkin harvest. ever.

we got a late start on the garden this season,
partly cause the head gardener (thad) was in quadra
at the beginning of planting season, and partly because spring
came so LATE this year. we had our big harvest
yesterday....we're planning to eat the squash, but
the pumpkins or sort of too small for carving...
perfect size for a centerpiece tho!!!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

oz trip #2

i am lucky enough to have one of the coolest jobs
on the sent carrie and i to australia for
4 days for a spring '10 shopping trip. i was a little worried
about the 14 hour flight and the long days of shopping,
since i am in the home stretch here (30 weeks!) but ziggy
and i did great! thanks auntie fonse for the very attractive
compression socks...they worked wonders- hardly any sign
of swollen ankles!!! too bad ziggy doesn't have a passport- he's
been to 3 countries already?! (canada, china and australia...2 times!)


the first stop on our OZ tour was sydney.
we arrived early on saturday morning, freshened
up after our 14 hour flight and got right to shopping. hit up
the paddington market and every boutique we could find..
sunday we were up at the break of dawn (jet lag is awesome!)
so carrie and i headed down to bondi beach,
stuck our feet in the freezing cold water, and watched
some life guards in training- all before 9am. we shopped the bondi
market, all the boutiques around bondi beach and a massive mall. whew!
the weather was hot and sunny- in the high 80's, the perfect weather
to put us in the right mindframe for spring '10 designing!

sunny bondi beach

29 weeks

me & ziggy on bondi beach


we flew to melbourne on monday morning for
day 3 of our shopping extravaganza. we hit up all the
stores in the city center, and even checked out the
oldest surf shop in melbourne. tuesday we were up again
way too early, so we walked down to the st kilda pier and
checked out an awesome view of the city...then walked over
to luna park- a kitschy amusement park, complete with a wooden
roller coaster (lar! are you jealous!?) we spent the day with some
of our fox australia colleagues, who took us on an all day
shopping tour. all in all, a fabulous trip!

melbourne self portrait

downtown melbourne- from the st kilda pier

getting artsy

me and carrie- early morning photo op

me & ziggy-30 weeks!

the luna park cool! like an australian coney island!

the wooden roller coaster at luna park

gorgeous sunset