Thursday, December 31, 2009


on new year's eve we held the 1st annual pizza making contest.
each participant got a ball of dough from trader joe's and $10
to spend on toppings....the iron chefs: myself, nana, sara and thad.
the judge: captain. the prize: the title of pizza master for all of 2010.

pizza contest underway

nana helping kali with her mini pizza

nana's pizza- aka THE WINNER. pesto.arugula.sundried tomato. goat cheese.

thad's pizza- bbq'd shrimp. tomato sauce. caramelized onion. smoked gouda. cheddar. cheeezy!

auntie sara's pizza- pear. candied walnuts. gorgonzola.

my pizza- thai chicken. peanut sauce. cilantro. bean sprouts. carrots. cpk watch out!

sara trying to butter up the judge...

the winner!!! nana kissing judge cap'n (hmmm...this thing might be rigged?!)

pizza party aftermath

Wednesday, December 30, 2009


auntie sara and cousin kali came to visit us
all the way from knoxville for new years!
kali was in heaven tending to baby jackie, jackson
had the best time hanging out with his older cousin, and the rest
of us LOVED watching the two of them together. adorable!

kali playing dress up with her fancy new xmas loot

jackson can be fancy too!

kali feeding jackie his 1st bite of donut

after donut smiles. YUM!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

let it snow!

snow is pretty rare in our new neck o' the woods...
however, we did get a couple inches up here
that pretty much shut the roads/freeways/city
down for a couple hours. poor cap'n was stuck in
horrible traffic and it took him 3+ hours to drive what
would normally take 30 minutes tops...yikes!
while we waited for cap'n to get back we kept ourselves
busy checking out the snow, doing puzzles and playing games.

jz and dad checking out the storm

hard at work

scrabble time- thad won, of course.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

boxing day at the beach

we took the gang on a scenic drive out to cannon beach.
we had a great lunch at bill's tavern, followed
by a pretty- but chilly walk along the beach.
jackson managed to keep his hat and mittens on the
whole time---that's how cold it was...

happy boxing day!

transporting precious cargo down to the beach

staying warm...hat and mittens in place

the gang

nana, our staff photographer in action

cap'n, thad, jz and nana headed toward haystack rock

staying warm in our new puffies from santa!

Friday, December 25, 2009

mele kalikimaka 09!

merry christmas everyone!
we had a fabulous christmas day, complete with too many gifts,
good food, lots of laughs and good times. we are already
counting down the days (364!) til hawaii christmas 2010!!!!

checking out all the loot

the stockings were hung by the chimney with care...

stocking stuffers

new undies for thad!

present time!

a new lawn mower from santa

a pull along dog from ggnort

a cool car from cappy

cool stuff from grammie and grampie

cap'n and his new ships log

an awesome picture of honolulu from nana

nana got a new cribbage board and cards with jz's face on them!

best christmas present ever!

jackson's favorite gift would most
certainly be the blue baby doll nana got him.
immediately upon opening it, he stuck the bottle
right in it's mouth- and we all died laughing....too funny!!!!!

what IS it?!!!

ooooh!!!! it's the doll i never knew i wanted!!!!

poking blue baby's eye out...poor blue baby

christmas dinner

we had an awesome christmas dinner....thanks to nana
and thad for being on turkey/dinner patrol. YUM!
jackson loved the turkey, stuffing and cranberries- but
his favorite part of the meal...the rutabagas?!!! who knew?!

cap'n carving the bird...yum!

ready for christmas dinner with his santa bib from linda j

thad, with ye olde chalice of wine and a turkey leg

dinnertime for blue baby

dinnertime for nana too!

after dinner game of peekaboo

so much fun!

christmas kisses