Friday, March 28, 2008

dancing kali

kali's dad made this's genius...don't die of the cuteness.

Monday, March 24, 2008

some bunny loves you

we had a great, mellow easter in bend.
thad made his first quiche ever, and we celebrated with mimosas...
amy came over and brought us a DEE-LISH lemon upside down
cake! so good. we dyed easter eggs- i was super excited to try
a new technique i saw in one of my magazines---putting rubber bands on
the eggs before dyeing them?! they turned out amazing!
thad set up an easter egg hunt for me and everything...
some bunny really DOES love me...

our easter egg master pieces

forced family fun...

just kidding!!! (about the forced part) it was such a nice
day on saturday, we busted out a little pilot butte hike with
mister. he made it no problem. the view was gorgeous!

kali bunnie

kali's photo shoot w/the ol' EB. what a cutie!!!! we are counting
down the days til we get to see her in hawaii!!!!!

Friday, March 21, 2008

it just wouldn't be easter...

without PEEPS (gross. i know...but they're just so cute!?) and...
these faux grass covered easter cupcakes. a little decorating
trick linda passed down to me from when she was a girl.
BACK in the day...(just kidding!)
these just happen to be coconut cupcakes with cream cheese frosting...

Monday, March 17, 2008

he just keeps getting cuter....

uncle kyle & ben biked over to see us on sunday...
check out the cuteness that is ben
(ok! thad and kyle are pretty cute too...)

group shot

hanging with uncle d

petting auntie jess

the boys

buddies...sort of


Wednesday, March 12, 2008

happy birthday frankie!

yesterday frankie loretta lynn langley laird turned 6!
time sure does fly. to celebrate sister & mister got to
eat special food and treats....yay for frankie!

thad loves frankie! (there's a towel involved due to an incident involving PBR...)

mitty made it!

we are just loving this time change so far---so nice to have daylight until 7pm and beyond!!!
yesterday i took mister on his first hike up pilot butte. the man made it up the butte no problem....
i had to carry him a couple times on the way down (a good arm work out for me?!!)
of course everyone had to stop and comment on mister's cuteness and how football shaped
he is and how short his little legs are?! i'm sure they were just jealous...

mister checks out the view

aahhhh....beautiful central oregon

mister & me

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

like a fine wine???

this weekend we celebrated my big 3-1. we had grand
plans to head up to portland for the weekend, stay @ the
super cool ace hotel and hang out with lin, lar & the gang-
until the pass got 10 inches of snow friday nite and...we had to stay home.
boo hoo!

but, my awesome hubbie managed to MORE than salvage
my birthday and the weekend---saturday afternoon our couple beers
at decoy turned into an all out bar tour of bend...pitchers at jc's, followed
by cucumber margaritas at astro, then cocktails at deep, then too many
lychee martinis at bo's and a crazy concoction called a "funky monkey"
yikes....there were chocolate and bananas involved. our last stop was
blacksmith for lobster corndogs and a beer i couldn't finish...i'm pretty
sure i drank more on my 31st bday eve than i did on my 21st????

needless to say,
sunday (real birthday) was considerably more mellow. we went to
brunch at stacatto- delicious!!! then tried to find a place to play some mini golf here
in town...ended up at sunriver- where the mini golf is INSIDE and involves blacklights?? no good.
we fled the mini golf and ended up at the high desert museum- which was great.
we'd never been- and saw all kinds of cool artwork, exhibits, artifacts and live animals!
my fave was the otter and the winter fox...both looked like mister we thought???

monday we went cross country skiing in the sunny (but windy)
weather and did another round of the downtown bars before throwing in the towel.

as my friend dude asked me tonite...
"dude. does 31 feel?? wierd or???? are you feeling like you're more like a fine wine...?" ha. definitely.

kali's birthday card...

enjoying the high desert museum

a realllly big kitty

the otter- looks like mister?

turtle friends

a beautiful day

thad showing off his river crossing ski boots!

31 year old in the house

heart melter!

mister LOVES his new "scottish bed" thad got him.
here he is soaking in the cute.