Sunday, July 29, 2007

baby dawg's shower

i was so excited to see ldawg in all her preggo glory this weekend at her shower. she looks the same- just
with a cute belly. when i asked jbird what she thought the baby was- she said "dawg"....i asked her girl dawg or boy dawg?
she said boy dawg....we will see if she's right soon enough...this suspense is killing me!!!

Monday, July 23, 2007

...the cuteness continues

just when we thought ben couldn't get any cuter....
he got cuter!!!! we just can't get enough of ben!
poor little guy needs to get used to be constantly
looked at, blown on and cooed at. he's adorable!
we love you ben!!!!

Friday, July 13, 2007

happy birthday man!

today is mister's 6th birthday. boy do we love this dog-
he's got more nicknames than most humans: mister beau jangles,
mister, mist, misty morning, the mister man, mitty, meester,
the sleeping mistikins...and he's the best dog friend a girl
could ask for. his fifth year was a big one- moving away from
his glamorous life in the OC, hiking and camping and floating the river-
can't wait to see what happens this year....happy birthday mister!!!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

gigi rides again

here's a photo of gigi riding her cool new bike
at the bend pet parade on the 4th of july.
she made a special request for me to post this photo on the blog-
and how could i say no! she's too cute!

another newbie

baby congrats are also in order for helene & richard, of the earth founders.
neomi jade prema bisnaire ziff was born on june 12th.
we went to visit little neomi last week
and she is so tiny and absolutely adorable!
neomi is ultra lucky to have gigi as her super cool big sis.

it's ben!

welcome to the world benham james schmid!
born on july 9th
9 pounds 3 ounces....he's a tiny guy
and give his poor mom a run for her money
with 35 hours of labor. daddy kyle likes combing
ben's hair into multiple styles, including a really
cute faux hawk. congrats kyle & corey!

Monday, July 9, 2007

waldo lake

friday we decided to get out of the 100 degree heat in town and head to waldo lake. it was gorgeous and we even brought mister, his first camping trip. we also brought our trusty inflatable boat- the now famous Club 300 aka the USS Kapakahi. thad rowed mister and i around the lake, what a catch!

Friday, July 6, 2007

mister learns to swim- take two

yesterday was a steamy 100 degrees here in bend. we were melting, with no a/c at work or at the house. we decided to head down to the river to cool off. thad gave mister his 2nd swimming lesson...and he did pretty good. he may just become a real dog yet.

happy 4th of july '07!

what a difference a year makes! last year i was in bend visiting for the weekend, and this year- well, here we are...
we had possibly the best 4th of july on record. the daytime highlight being our 4 hour drunken float down the deschutes w/a fun crew of friends, and inflatable river craft...the nite time highlight was of course seeing pilot butte a BLAZE during the fireworks show...awesome! it doesn't take much to get us excited around's our 2nd annual 4th of july pic w/the pun squad & their mates. a little bit different from our '06 photo below...

4th of july '06

just because i'm feeling nostalgic- here's our 1st annual 4th of july photo from last year. just a few differences...
1. mister wasn't here yet
2. amy had really long hair (but i think it looks FABULOUS short. LYLAS!)
3. corey has NO bun in the oven....

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

amber & jared get hitched!

more wedding bells in our circle of friends....amber & jared tied the knot at galena lodge in idaho, on june 16th. congrats guys!

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

chris isaak from the grassy knoll

last nite chris isaak was had a concert at the old mill- and we decided to go the cheap route and post up on this grassy hill behind the concert so we could hear it all for free. jason and christine rode bikes and met us, mister got to come (1st concert. he loved it) and we had the best time just hanging out on the hill, listening to the music and sneaking tecates.

mister makes a friend

so this random guy comes strolling up to watch the concert- and mister was his new best friend. Following him around. standing right by him. we were loving it....

Sunday, July 1, 2007

elk lake

After a nite of campfire fun cooking hot dogs on sticks, indulging in s'mores, and playing scrabble by the light of our head lamps...(this girl has come a LONG way from the oc) We headed over to the beach at elk lake for some sunbathing and fishing.
If you look closely you can see Thad in action on the far left side.

a river runs through it

Saturday afternoon, Thad decided we were heading out of town and going camping (what?! no pineapple mojitos at twenty eight? no shopping at the old mill??? how fun could this be?)
Here's Thad fly fishing along the Deschutes River, while i sat and read my book and spectated...

locks of love

This weekend our friend Amy decided to donate her long, luscious locks to a great cause- locks of love.
Lock of love is a charity that turns donated hair into wigs for kids. I went with her to
be her moral support & cheerleader as she made the big cut. A little wine was needed before the mane
event, but the end result is adorable! If anyone is interested or inspired
to donate their long locks, check out