Thursday, August 9, 2012

quadra 2012

after a 3 year hiatus, we finally made it back up to quadra island to nana and captain's canadian headquarters. jackie was in his element and didn't want to leave. thad squeezed in some fishing trips and hikes, and i got to sleep in everyday (thanks, nana & cap'n!) and took way too many photos. we had an awesome, relaxing trip!
we made it!

what a view
happy to be in quadra, finally!
captain + jackie on the hunt for treasure
starting the day off with pancakes...thanks, nana!
teeing off at mulligan meadows
golf, quadra style
the boys heading to the beach
gorgeous blue heron on our morning walk
jackie gets a lift
two peas in a pod

beach fam
happy thad
playing in the sand
things are warming up....fleece is off!

the undressing progresses...diaper + a bucket

NUDE + a bucket

quadra cute
jackie + a friend at rebecca spit

captain surfing

jess + thad, photo by nana
nana + thad

nana + thad....hat switch

thad + a crab

catch of the day

happy kid at the beach

trip highlight- husqvarna rides with cappy!
thumbs up + safety first!

driving lesson
at the wheel
the guys coming thru the tunnel

cousins in the cart!
jackson, aine & saoirse

aine + thad
baby aine. so sweet
kids table! saoirse, rowan + jackie
rowan gives jackie a push
jackson + rowan trying to steal the golfcart
headed home
captain + thad @ mia and john's

thad + cousin sarah
thumbs up for beach front rides on the ol' husqvarna
contemplating life
1st annual quadra island pub crawl
painted baby
nana & jackie scoping things out from their leento
the lairds
nana & her early birthday gift
pool party!!! happy birthday rowan!
party animals- jackson, rowan (the birthday boy) and miwa
new husqvarna hat from captain
summer jackie

thad, saoirse & jackson- good times in courtenay
cuties...ready for the river
baby buns are the best
wally, saoirse & aine
great way to end the trip
the whole gang: wally, sarah, aine, thad, saoirse, jackie, jess