Thursday, September 18, 2008

family fun

lin, lar & buck (aka captain) joined us in bend after
our weekend in corvallis.
thad and buck did a couple home
improvement projects, and a bike ride along the
deschutes river trail. lin, lar & i did the shopping
tour of bend, including a trip to trader joe's (still no
trader's in hawaii?! so sad!) we also had some great
meals at the piper's house in sisters and at some
of our favorite bend eateries. so nice having the parents
(3/4 of the parents that is...we missed you doni!) in town for a few days.
next time the parents visit things will be a just little different around here!!!!

thad & buck at benham falls...ready to ride

lar & mister- we made him pose for this...(he LOVES dogs)

mister looooooved hanging out with his grandma!

awww...lin, lar & the moon

lar & thad on the piper's deck in sisters

Sunday, September 14, 2008

beaver roadtrip 2008

friday we headed up to corvallis to meet up
with lin, lar, buck and the rest of their roadtrip gang...
lin and lar's annual roadtrip has expanded from
just 6 beaver fans a few years ago, to 30+ beaver and
UH fans this year. whew! (that's a lotta beavers!)
the beavs won the big OSU/UH game on saturday by
a landslide- making all us beaver fans happy campers..
and it was fun to tailgate and hang with the crew, show
off my ol' college stomping grounds to thad and
buck and eat pizza from the dream. YUM.
go beavs!!!

me, lar & lin- roadtrip 08

thad's rooted for UH...i was for the beavs...(check out our new hats...holy team spirit!)

me & lar

thad & buck enjoy the pre-game festivities

linda j, just moments before being arrested for disorderly conduct

the gang cheering on the osu football team as they came off the bus
r to l: big guy, linda j, lar, julian, buck, thad, lin

thad & buck representing for UH

me & ter-bear, pre game

linda knows how to tailgate! beer & corndogs...nice!

linda & linda j posing in front of beaver blvd

Monday, September 8, 2008

27 weeks

me & ziggy on the beach at elk lake

last days of summer....

it's hard to believe summer pretty much over.
this weekend was GORGEOUS here in bend.
and since we're going to be out of town for the
next couple weekends....we had to take full
advantage of our "last" summer weekend.
we hauled the canoe up to elk lake saturday
and sunday to enjoy the perfect weather. we paddled
over to our favorite little secluded beach on saturday
and just relaxed. sunday thad went fishing while i
did some reading up on my baby books, and then
we paddled over to the lodge for some lunch. on our
way home we stopped at a stream and thad caught
a brook trout! he brought it home and bbq'd it up for
dinner. ahhhh....the magic of bend.

thad & the brook trout

we love elk lake

my fearless steersman

sunny the canoe

thad fishing on elk lake

me, ziggy and a great view of south sister

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

he's BAAAAAACK....

sara, rick, kali and friends were lucky to spend some real quality time
with our old friend bonkers mcgee a few weeks ago in hawaii...
looks to me like bonkers is really thriving out at the punaluu
beach house and settling into the lifestyle quite nicely...

bonkers, sara, kali & rick- love the matching outfits!!!

napping with uncle ricky v

sara rocks bonkers to sleep after a big day

kaleo & bonkers hit the high seas

kayaking with the guys

mikey & bonkers get up close and personal

bonkers really knows how to party