Sunday, August 31, 2008

fonse & josh visit

fonse & josh came to visit us for labor day weekend all
the way from hawaii! we had lots of fun eating and
drinking our way through all the bend hot spots. we even talked
the stinsons into investing in their very own inflatable boat so
we could do a day trip up to devil's lake. gorgeous!
we miss you already fonsey & josh!!!! come back soon!!!

the lairds & the stinsons- reunited!!!

devil's lake

josh & fonse get ready to set sail

the stinsons aboard the "destiny's child"

thad & mitty-BFFs

fonsey, josh's foot & thad

jess, mister & josh

mister visits the stinson's boat

mitty shows off his sea legs

thad and josh decided to take a dip....YIKES.

thad prepares for his polar bear swim

...and he's IN!!!!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

poor mister

so when i went to register for baby stuff with ldawg &
campbell, they gave me this welcome box with random
baby samples, coupons and this newborn sized baby diaper.
of course we couldn't resist torturing mister just a LITTLE bit...
poor thing!

Saturday, August 23, 2008


tonite we sat outside at greg's grill with chewy & benny,
listened to the wilco concert and had some yummy apps &
drinks. ben has LOTS of fun new words, walks like
a pro and is a REALLY good kisser...

thad gets kisses from ben

fun with uncle d

chewy & benny

sunset on the deschutes

hula girl

thad's mom sent us this ADORABLE pic of kali in hawaii...
(ti leaf hula skirt made by marnie!!!)
kali & her parents are in hawaii for her baby luau this weekend--
SO bummed we're missing all the fun...

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

six month bump....

six down...three to go!
feeling lots more movement and looking
more and more prego by the day.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

get ready....

it's almost gymnastics time people!!!!! time...
(just so you know, i'm a big nerd and LOVE me
some olympic gymnastics!!!!!!)
those tearjerking vignettes?!
the glittery hairspray....
bella karolyi?!! can't wait!!!
*fonse!!!! you'd better tivo!!!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

summer storm

this morning we had a major thunder storm...
rain, thunder & big bolts of lightning right over our house---
kinda scary. we battened down the hatches
and me, thad, mister and even frankie hid out in the office while we
waited for the storm to pass and our internet to be restored...
mister fell asleep on thad's desk! whew. big day so far...

thad & frankie!!!! weathering the storm....

mister supervising thad working

soooo sleepy

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

happy anniversary L & L!

today is lin and lar's 36th wedding anniversary!!!!
those two deserve a medal!!! what an accomplishment.
and not only to have been MARRIED that long, but
still enjoy each other's company?!! even more awesome.
xoxoxo!!! we love you guys!!!

lin & lar at their engagement party
(waaaay back in the day...nice suit lar)

lin & lar in modern times...what cuties!
(at our wedding 11.11.07)

Monday, August 4, 2008

congrats ambie & jarad!!!

our good friends amber and jarad were married this weekend in hawaii...
we unfortunately couldn't make it to the big event---but lin & lar
and fonse and josh were there to represent! so bummed to have missed
out on the party, the ono food and good times.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

lazy river

we took the collasus out on a leisurely float down the
deschutes sunday's been nice to get out and
enjoy the gorgeous weather while it's here!

maiden voyage

yesterday we FINALLY took our canoe out on its maiden voyage.
we bought it back in december, after spending all last summer searching
for one (without any luck)...
we drove up to hosmer lake and had such a great afternoon.
it was nice, sunny weather and we couldn't believe how
gorgeous it was up there. we paddled around, and saw lots of people
fishing, kayaking & canoeing. there were tons ducks and we even
saw a family of river otters that we followed for a bit. so cool.
the water was so clear we could see the bottom of the lake
and all the fish swimming around. thad was able to do some fly fishing
(luckily it's catch and release only...
cause the last thing we need is more fish in our freezer!!!)

hosmer lake

two nerds in a canoe

thad fishing

the river otter family

solo river otter--fishing!

channeling my paddling skills from the outrigger days...