Monday, January 28, 2008

new coverage...blizzard '08

we were starting to feel a little house cooped yesterday-
so thad decided we should suit up in our snow gear and
check out the outside world (aka our back yard).
it was fun watching mister trying to plow his way through
5+ inches...not so sure he thought it was as amusing as we did?

us in our snow outfits (in the back yard)

mister doing his pissed off snow slug impersonation

gotta love a SUPER frosty pbr

Sunday, January 27, 2008

the blizzard of '08?

we woke up this morning to a total winter wonderland....
just when we thought we were going to get a break from
all the winter weather- another storm is on the way

me & mister- a snowy self portrait

the front yard under at least a few inches of snow

benny sitting

this weekend auntie jess had the pleasure of watching ben for
a few hours while his parents had a little date nite.
he was such a good boy, and so super cute i couldn't resist taking
just a couple photos (sitting up and everything!!!) is this little man
cute or what?!!

hot stuff

poor mister...the subject of our constant, but loving harassment.
here he is last weekend when we decided to make him wear ben's
bib and sit in his new baby seat at the table. you can tell he's loving all
the attention...

Sunday, January 20, 2008

kali is kool

kali's parents sent us some super cute new pics of her---
she is getting SO grown up these days and her newest
trick is rolling over?! super advanced and extremely cute.

kali chillin with her new ugly doll (it's bigger than she is!!)

Friday, January 18, 2008

monday nite highlights

the schmids decided to do a surprise drop in after work...
and of course ben is as cute (if not cuter) than ever.

everyone looks so happy!!!! (except for mister)

kyle teaches ben some important life skills

serious cuteness

feliz cumpleanos, nort!

family and friends came from near and far to celebrate grandpa nort's big 85th
with a mexican themed fiesta. highlights of the evening included
partying with all my cousins, aunts, uncles, and family, steve's
margarita's (whew!) and the pinata....


me & grandpa nort

cousin josh & his wife disa, nort & us

sami smooching the burro head

lin, nort & lar

the cousins & the birthday boy (sami, jess, josh & gnort)

the whole damn fam...

buddy...almost as cute as mister?

i was OBSESSED with pona's dog, buddy...check out his hair- it's
like a coconut or something?! he was so cute...i wanted to bring him home with us...

arizona trip

we headed to sunny phoenix last weekend to celebrate grandpa nort's 85th birthday.
it was so nice to hang by the pool in the warm weather and have a couple coronas in the middle of winter!
we went hiking with lar up to the top of camelback mountain, and the view was amazing!!!
while we were hiking, linda and the pipers were out buying fiesta decorations for nort's party---
and showed up at the pool with sombreros for everyone...

los quatros amigos- patti p, steve-o, lar & lin

linda & thad showing off their sombreros


me and lar (what's with the hands on our hips pose?!!)

self portrait at the summit-thad, me and lar

my cute guys

the lairds on top of camelback

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

happy 2008!!!

the clems hosted a super fun new year's eve fete-
complete with dee-lish snacks (cheese fondue anyone!!?!!!! awesome!!)
too much alcohol, fabulous company and a midnite
dance party (thanks JV!!!!) we had such a fun nite and definitely
paid for it on new year's day...whew!!! we're getting too old for this...

happy new year!!!!

eeek! 2008 already?!

christine & thad give bill some new year's smoochin

mike, colleen (she's mad at mike here), kyle & anthony (who isn't cutting his hair til JUNE?)

the lairds & bradley eugene

guest appearance by ben!!! nice binky, uncle!

jv & sweetness

the hostess with the mostest

amy, thad & me

bill & thad

i give thad the boot...

anthony, sweetness, jv & colleen

weekend fun

this past weekend we had visits from lots of
our favorite people...the heit family was
up from san diego
and thad's friends bill & christine came up from northern
california (placerville to be exact)
i spent a snowy afternoon with the heits at
sunriver- got to hold little campbell!
sunday was bill's birthday and christine
made us a whole mess 'o' sushi to celebrate...yum!

la heit familia

ldawg & her babydawg

we couldn't resist trying this furry boot on lil' cee

christine, the proud sushi chef

birthday sushi for bill


how cute are these!!!! i have always wanted a pair of earmuffs....
leave it to ldawg to find the cutest most unique ones in town.
mister likes them too!