Monday, June 30, 2008

Sunday, June 29, 2008

salma's shower

luckily i was able to extend my oc work trip an extra
day so i could go to salma's wedding shower!!!! the bride to be
looked gorgeous as usual, and it was so fun to catch up with all the girls.

tracy, the bride-to-be and judy

lil' cee in the oc

i got to have a sleep over one nite with the heit fam while i was in the oc.
campbell is REALLY growing up...crawling all over the place
and just so cute in his tight little long johns...

Monday, June 23, 2008


we spent saturday nite @ sarah (big cuz) & wally's house
in courtenay...after a little adventure that involved running out of gas
and a visit by the canadian equivalent of AAA...we were all on our way!
it was so nice being able to spend some time with them and catch up.
if you are ever in courtenay, bc- you MUST go to atlas for breakfast...dee-lish!

little cuz & big cuz @ atlas for breakfast...YUM

wally & jess

chinese mountain

on our last day (together) in quadra, thad took me on a really cool hike
up chinese mountain....the view was AWESOME...a great bookend to
a really great trip!

summit smooches

yay! we made it!! (or yay...jess made it...)

thad doing his signature pose

on the edge of the world

15 weeks

alright. i've been getting some requests for some bump shots....
so here we go...not much to write home about quite yet...
but something is definitely starting to happen!!!!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

the buck stops here...take two

buck presented mia & john with their official/commemorative
"the buck stops here" shirts so we could have a quadra celebration.

thad, jess, buck, aunt mia & uncle john

take a hike

it's been a little drizzly the last few days, but
yesterday it cleared up in the afternoon and
we did a great hike on the trail right down the road-
it was great to get out and enjoy the scenery

the boys

thad & buck about to head out on their father's day bike ride
(lookin good in their brand new fox gear....)

the cabin

here's a couple pics of the cabin where we've been staying
and some pics from our dinner party with doni & buck last nite

the cabin

the outhouse

inside view-the stairs go up to a loft/bedroom

the girls

the guys

happy hour on the front deck

cabin fever sets in....

oh deer!

we have been having some major deer sightings in the
last few days...usually right outside the living room window-
and the other evening right down on the beach in front
of the amazing to have all this wildlife right outside!

a deer hanging at the beach right in front of our cabin

happy birthday ava!

all our little baby friends are REALLY growing up.
ava patri turned one yesterday!
soooo sad i'm going to be missing her big b-day bash this weekend...
happy birthday girl!!!! oxoxoxs

Sunday, June 15, 2008

quadra nites

the sunsets around here are just UNREAL.
yesterday we moved down to thad's aunt mia & uncle john's cabin down
on the beach (pics to follow)
we had doni and buck over to "our place" for happy hour and spent
the majority of the evening looking out at
the water and the gorgeous skyline.
it doesn't even get dark here until 10:30?! awesome!

our view from the deck

the mountains across the water

thad enjoying a glass of wine on the deck

doni & buck walking home on the beach after happy hour

fly fishing

saturday thad and i hiked to his favorite spot on stromberg lake.
thad did some fly fishing, and i was his official fly fishing photographer.
he even taught me a few moves (and he said i was the BEST 1st time fly
fisherman he'd ever seen!) maybe next time he'll let me use a hook!?

thad in action

fly fishing photographer extraordinaire..

Saturday, June 14, 2008

kali & the cupcakes

sara & rick just sent us this cute photo of kali at
the new crumbs cupcakes by their house in la....
soooo cute this girl!!!!
and look at all those yummy cupcakes...auntie jess is jealous!!!!
maybe we need to open a cupcake shop on quadra island?!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

sunny days

the weather has been great here the last few days---
and everything looks even MORE spectacular when it's sunny,
so here's a few more pics

our view from up at the house

the cabin

another gorgeous day at the beach

me & ziggy hanging out on the deck

thad makes a bonfire down at the firepit

stanley, the laird's quadra kitty...

the heriot bay inn...home to thad's favorite pub (the heriot bay inn PUB)

the tiniest houseboat EVER!!!! we think mister might want to move in....