Tuesday, July 29, 2008

21 weeks

starting to look pretty official over here...
and starting to feel a little action in there too! go ziggy!

Monday, July 28, 2008

the collasus sets sail

we had to buy a new inflatable boat, since the club 300
from last summer bit the dust...we decided on the very
sleek collasus---mostly because it looked like a mini zodiac
on the picture on the box. we headed up to little lava lake
with some refreshments and mitty and enjoyed a sunny afternoon.
thad paddled us pretty much around the entire lake...we could tell
spectators on the shore were extremely jealous of our boat but,
have to say, the collasus may LOOK alot cooler than the club 300,
but it's a bit smaller than what we're used to...mister may not
be able to come with us next trip!!!!?

someone's having fun

our fearless leader...

me & mitty

thad with no head...drinking a beer on a big rock

so scenic!


practice makes perfect

the farrars sent us a giant box of luxurious baby items
for ziggy...including the super awesome ergo baby carrier
everyone has been raving about! thad decided to give it a
practice run with mister standing in for ziggy....
thanks sar, grahammy & mia!!!!

hong kong

after three long days in ningbo, we were VERY excited to get to hong kong.
reina and i worked a LOT, shopped & walked a LOT....even fit two massages each and
a mission to see our fave knock of purse guy
(poor ziggy- involved in illegal activities even BEFORE birth!!!)

hk city lights

view of hong kong island from kowloon-(lar! there's the star ferry!)

me & reina

Monday, July 21, 2008

beautiful ningbo...

i am in ningbo, china for 3 days for work...and let me tell
you- it is NOT much to write home about. VERY industrial and
aside from our fancy hotel and the $12 foot massages....it's nowhere
anyone should visit if not on a work trip...check out the view from
my hotel window....yes people- that is pure, grade a, chinese SMOG...
worse than LA!!!! yikes!
we are off to hong kong tomorrow and i can't wait!!!!
yay for the big city!!!!

on the road again....

a couple cute pics we took down at drake park before
i left on my asia world tour...so sad to leave thad & the
pups yet AGAIN...i feel like we haven't had much of a summer
yet so far with all our trips and work???
excited to get back and try out our new canoe, do some camping and
maybe get a new blow up boat to FLOAT the river?!!!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

lucky number 7

happy birthday mister!!!!! officially 7 years old today!!!
we had a birthday bbq for the man last nite,
and a good time was had by all.
despite getting a little burnt by his birthday candle,
mister had a good time and even
frankie joined in on the party action!!!
happy birthday mitty!!!! we love you!!!!

happy birthday mister!!!

dog bone cookies for everyone! (inspired by auntie ldawg)

uncle jv- the winner of the "mister quiz"....
he got 13 out of 20 questions right!!! woo hoo!

carol & colleen like to party...

frankie joined the party....SHOCKING!!!!!

thad, mitty & ben have moments


proud parents

frankie helps mister finish his b-day cupcake

christine, mitty & jv

fufu gets festive

benny rides burro!

Friday, July 11, 2008

oh boy!

ziggy is officially a boy!!!! we saw LOTS of proof at our ultrasound
yesterday and could not be more excited!!!!!!
he was flipping around, kicking like crazy,
karate punching and giving us the thumbs up.
super active, and i think he has his dad's shapely legs?!!
he is CUTE. and talented....DEFINITELY our kid! ha.

Monday, July 7, 2008

ben's bday party!

ben is turning 1 this week!!!! we cannot believe how has just flown by?!!!
we had tons of fun celebrating with the schmid gang and lots of friends...
happy birthday benny!!!!!

chewy, birthday ben & uncle kyle

amy & thad

the lairds

la familia de valdez

mike & makena

corey, thad & ben (all matching in blue....cute!!!)

B-E-N cookie favors-
(made by me...i've been a baking FOOL lately?! nesting anyone?!!)

the beach

it is officially summer here in bend....it's been SO hot and nice
it's crazy to think that just a month or so ago
we were freezing our booties off?!
we headed up to "the beach" on sunday for a little sunshine and relaxation...
not quite the same sort of beach you would find in hawaii, but still pretty
darn nice- with a gorgeous view of the lake and south sister!

enjoying the sunshine

mitty & me

we had to use my dress to make mister a little sun bonnet....

Friday, July 4, 2008

the pet parade

we went downtown this morning to spectate
the annual bend pet parade...so much fun and so festive!
next year we're all going to be IN the parade...for sure!

happy 4th mister!

me & mitty

ben (soon to be birthday boy) & lola

lola, shanda, chewy & benny

ben was LOVING the parade

amy & colleen

someone brought their fish....

a girlfriend for mister?!