Monday, August 31, 2009

good times

we really, REALLY loved having seth & sara
in our state for a few weeks and we're SO
wishing they'd just give up their east coast life
and move IN with us!!! ha. we had a great time celebrating
their pre-wedding, catching up, eating and
drinking and having them over as our 1st
official dinner guests...we even sat at the big table
like a bunch of grown ups!
miss you guys already!!!!!! come back soon!

auntie sara & jz

beer for sophie @ russell street bbq

crawling 101 with uncle seth

Saturday, August 29, 2009

gigglefest- the movie

berry nice

right outside our back gate is this awesome boardwalk
style walking trail. jackson and i took a walk
and had a super successful blackberry collecting mission
that turned into a very tasty blackberry cobbler! yum!
(thanks for the top secret recipe, linda j!)

the trail


my blackberry picking accomplice


super smiley and almost crawling!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

boys in the hood

we met up with uncle jv for dinner at henry's in the pearl...
it was fun to catch up with him and we got to celebrate his
birthday a couple days early...happy bday jv!!!!
come back soon & bring auntie sweetness!!!!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

bright light! bright light!

this is jackson's latest crazy face...he usually makes
it when he sees bright lights---soooo classic!!!
has us laughing everytime....

cute dude

party people

we had a great time at seth & sara's west coast
pre-wedding celebration last nite.
there was great food & yummy desserts made by gmo,
tons of cute kiddies, and we even met some new fun friends
from the portland area!
we are SO happy for the soon to be mr & mrs morrow!!!!!!!
move to portland already!!!!!!!! xoxoxo

the betrothed-seth & sara

sara & jackson

seth & thad & beer

party goers

super cutie nicholas (paige's son...seth's nephew)

jackson & paige (her necklace was super tasty!!!)


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

the moving angel...

aka uncle seth is in town for a pre-wedding shin-dig
and was nice enough to help us for 2 whole days-
not only with moving to our new place in beaverton, but helping
thad paint our new place, packing up our old place,
helping with furniture placement strategy sessions,
baby wrangling and providing some much needed comic relief.....
thank YOU!!!!!!!!!!! what would we have done without you?!!!

Friday, August 14, 2009

family fun

since we all live so far away, it's really special
being able to spend time with the family....
good thing we got lots of photos!

four generations!!!!! awesome!

ggnort, jz & grandpa lar

me, jz, grampie lar, ggnort, auntie jodi & cousin olivia

ggnort with some of his grandkids and ONLY great grandkid

uncle john, grandpa lar, ggnort, thad & jz

auntie jodi, jz, uncle john & cousin olivia

leo, cousin sami & jz

auntie jodi & jz

best buddies

showing off his cool new watch!!! baby sized!

puns lunch

we got to see our old punahou pals
ali, rb and meet rb's adorable daughter hailey.
we met up for lunch in tempe and got to
do a quick catch up and hang out for bit.
it was so cute to see the boys as dads with their kiddos!!!

jess, jz, ali, thad, rb & hailey

the boys & their kids...cute!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

troop 614 reunion

jackson and i got see see my good friend
ann marie and her super cute sons,
alex and colin while we were in phoenix.
i got a sneak peek at the havoc that may be
in store for me being the mother of a boy....yikes!
and jackson got TONS of hand-me-downs!!!!
ann and i have known each other forever-
since brownie troop 614! back in the 80's?!!!
so fun to see each other and catch up!

ann & maggie (mister's SUPER cute girlfriend)

alex supervises some tummy time

colin checking out jz

tee pee

we of course had to introduce thad and jackson
to the culinary delight that IS tee pee.
a real phoenix institution, and one of ggnort's faves...

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


we made it!!!! everyone was SO excited to
meet jackson!!!

jackson & great-grandpa nort

ggnort, pona & jz get to know each other

hugs from pona

1st plane ride

jackson did great on his very 1st plane ride to
phoenix to see great grandpa nort (GGnort from here on out)
he charmed all our seat mates and loved playing
with the shiny bag of pretzels.

nothing like a good book to pass time in an airport!

ready for action...yay pre-boarding!

checking out the lights

Sunday, August 9, 2009


our friends bill and christine stopped to
see us in molalla for the night on their drive
back to california...they became our very first (and last)
visitors to camp out in our front yard...
(cause we're MOVING!!! details to come!)
it was so fun to see them and catch up!