Sunday, June 26, 2011

beached-yachats day 3

we really couldn't have asked for a better
last day of our big coast trip. we spent
a few hours basking in the sun at the almost deserted
stonefield beach,
jackie threw sand, gathered rocks and chased the birds while we
worked on our tans. so much fun.

evidence of sand throwing addiction

mini model

fishing with thad

bye for now!

can't wait til our next yachats trip!!!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

just beachy-yachats day 2

day two of our yachats trip brought more
amazingly sunny summer weather and a trip
to the beach for more tidepool lounging and
jackie's first beach time out. (there's a first time for everything?!)

thad=happy! jackie=recovering from beach time out
(his offense: throwing rocks at dee)

little while friends

beach ballet


gilligan + mom

beach stroll

surf + sand

while thad got some fishing in, jackie and
i played at the beach---his favorite new beach
activity...sand and rock throwing. (not ok)

boy + beach

gathering sand to throw at mom

cheers + beer

Friday, June 24, 2011

summer kick off 2011-yachats!

we cannot thank the schmids enough for letting
us have the run of their gorgeous yachats beach house for the
weekend. we completely lucked out and had blue skies,
sun and warm weather the entire trip-
completely unheard of on the oregon coast
and the perfect way to kick off summer 2011.
we spent day one hanging out at the tidepools and enjoying an awesome sunset.

getting the lay of the land

not a bad view!

i think i could get used to this...

contemplating life

up close and crabby- photo by thad

tidepools are cool!

off with the clothes!

super scenic sunset

me & my boy

and he's off...