Friday, May 30, 2008


pizza party

amy came over last nite for some climbing and dinner---
we made pizza for dinner- new favorite find of the week was the
trader joe's pizza dough (such a deal!!!! $2 each!?) we got a couple different kinds of dough to try out-
and tons of yummy toppings...dee-lish!!!!

thad's high school job at little caesars really paid off!

had to take this pic of amy---check out those tiny climbing shoes!!!!! and our messy garage!!!

amy showing thad her skills....(we were IMPRESSED!!!)

thad in action

Monday, May 26, 2008

modest mouse

this weekend there was quite a line up playing in bend...
saturday nite we met up with amy, jason & christine
and listened/watched the death cab for cutie show from across the river-
we could hear the show perfectly (and for free) outside at greg's grill...
you know you're getting old when sitting outside on the patio of a nice restaurant across from a concert...
drinking and eating sounds better than
standing around inside a concert. ha. sunday nite thad splurged
on tickets to see modest mouse & the national and we had a great time.
we posted up with our blanket in the beer garden and enjoyed awesome music, people watching and the beautiful bend scenery. AND a special appearance by our friends from eugene-
steve-o, lanny & little quinn! (his first concert ever!!!!)

steve, thad, quinn & lanny

posing with quinn at his first concert ever!

another beautiful nite in bend

we accidentally discovered thad's camera has ready-made FRAMES to pick from...self portrait- with stripes!

another AWESOME frame from thad's camera!!!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

fun in the sun...

saturday was a serious scorcher....record breaking temperatures, in fact---
i think it got up in the high 90's at one point?! we headed just out of town to benham falls-
mister and i hiked around, and thad took off on his bike for his first ride of the season.
it's hard to believe it was snowing here just a couple weeks ago?!

oh so scenic

thad & mister at the falls

mister feels the heat

mitty and me

livin' the high life

after our hiking/biking adventures earlier in the day---we decided the only way to beat the
heat would be to get a kiddie pool ASAP and spend the rest of the day in it. thad went to the store
for the proper supplies-a 12 pack of miller high life and cigars. i raced to target to purchase the family swim center...
complete with blow up bench inside the pool AND cup holders. NICE!!! however....or plans were slightly foiled when we filled the pool up-we discovered the water to be a tiny bit too arctic to really sit in for more than a few we brought our lawn chairs in- and made mister do most of the swimming....

does it GET any better?!

swimming lessons

apres swim

thad experiments with his underwater camera...

working on my tan...

frankie leaves the house!

frankie's day usually consists of sleeping for 98.9% of the day...
but lately she's been venturing out more...maybe she likes the sunny weather?!

frankie lynn- out and about

mister & sister

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

spring has sprung!

at long last, it looks like spring is FINALLY here...we are eagerly awaiting the 80 degree days in the upcoming forecast and getting our yard in shape for bbq season...yipee!

my guys