Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Saturday, April 26, 2014

saturday market

jackson LOVES to ride the max, so we took the max downtown to the portland saturday market. we shopped around, ate lunch and did some portland exploring before riding it back home.
posing by the river
cruising the waterfront
more cruising the waterfront
taking a break from saturday market-ing

jackie isn't so sure about hitching a ride with grampie
the ultimate rebels at the max station

Friday, April 25, 2014

spring gala

jackson's spring singing recital, aka the spring gala was SO cute. although jackie may have been lip syncing some of the songs, the cuteness was out of control. love seeing him up there with all his school buddies.
kindergarten a & b belting out the hits
after the show
big hugs from jackie
popsicles after the show

Sunday, April 20, 2014

egg hunt #2

jackson is one lucky kid, and he really got lucky at easter egg hunt #2 at grammie & grampies. all the eggs were full of...MONEY!!!! disneyland spending fun!
easter fam
happy easter, grammie & grampie!

jackie & grampie

tricky one!!!!


found another one in the tulips!

counting...did i find all 20?!!

wow!!! these eggs are full of money!!! disneyland, here we come!

counting up his easter egg money

grammie's easter decor- so festive

ultimate easter cute

egg hunt #1

the gang's all here (except for sammy, who was napping)
jackson, ben, maya & misaki
the hunt is ON
lots and lots of eggs
tiny hunter
ben found a gold egg (with $1 inside! thanks, uncle spence!)

maya & misaki

the bubbles were a big hit
eggs, toys, crayons, candy, bubbles!

bubble boys

easter with friends

easter bunny

the easter bunny strikes again!
mister, surveying the merchandise
look at all these treats!!!

sammy got a lollipop!

hmmm...gotta read these instructions....

Saturday, April 19, 2014

easter prep

we were thrilled to have the entire schmid crew in town for easter weekend. ben & jackson got along great and were instant buddies, bonded by their love of all things nintendo ds related. they even let little brother sammy in on their fun. thad & kyle got some golf in and we all had a great time catching up.
goofballs on the loose!

kyle & corey on late nite easter egg hunt egg-filling duty (thad is doing quality control)
lots of loot!
traditional easter cupcakes are a MUST

this takes concentration...

the finished product! happy easter!

Friday, April 11, 2014


whirlwind work trip to vancouver (canada), la and hawaii for the lotte golf tournament. i'm lucky to work with such a fun crew!!!!
stop 1 on the cupcake tour- georgetown cupcake
vanilla birthday was the clear winner

taste test subjects: chocolate, red velvet, vanilla birthday, salted caramel


after work hike up runyon canyon with abby

no la trip is complete without a trip to sprinkles

next stop...hawaii!!!! the view of waikiki beach from my lanai at the moana

maitai lunch!

wowing winnie & abby with a quick stop at lanikai


ramen date with my fonsey
a pretty birdie in waikiki

malasadas for everyone!!!!! the best

fonsey brought us cupcakes from hokulani.  ono!

winnie & posing with the lotte sign out at ko'olina golf club
ko'olina sunset...aloha hawaii!!!