Saturday, February 22, 2014

pigtails + crewcuts

jackson has been wanting to go to "a place" to get his hair cut for awhile now. i finally gave in. we went to pigtails & crewcuts and he LOVED it (a kid after my own heart)...

so far, so good
not too sure about this...
looking GOOD!!!!

Saturday, February 15, 2014


jackson started soccer (indoor, of's oregon, remember?!) he liked it and did pretty well, considering he's never played soccer in his life. excited to buy him a whole official soccer uniform!!!
jackson's 1st day of soccer was a success!

practicing before practice with thad

Friday, February 14, 2014

be mine

valentine's has always been my favorite holiday...i just love the color scheme, the hearts, the LOVE!!!!

happy valentine's day!!!!!
a transformer! just what i wanted!
sweet treats for the co-workers
jackson's school valentine's

Friday, February 7, 2014

snowmageddon '14

it RARELY snows in portland...and when it does, well the city pretty much shuts down. good thing we have lots of ways to entertain ourselves on snowdays...sledding, skiing, snowball fights!

ready for his first sledding run!

loves it!

jackie & maya heading back up the hill

snow bunnies

misaki, aisa, maya, thad & jackie- it's a race!

uncle spence & aisa

lots and lots of snow

so much snow, we were able to cross country ski around the neighborhood!

here comes thad with jackie in tow

close up...back from a neighborhood ski

jackie trying out the snowball maker nana gave him for his bday

watch out

oh yikes. even thad gets in on the snowball action

snow baby

snow selfie

rosey cheeks & snowlashes

mad shoosh - the movie

snowball fight - the movie

sledding sesh - the movie

sochi luge hopeful - the movie

Sunday, February 2, 2014

phoenix open

the nike golf team ready for action at ocotillo golf resort

amy, jenn & winnie looking golfy

the golf girls representing at the weezer show

cousins & a big chicken at weezer

taliesin west, frank lloyd wright's residence and school

me & an orange door at taliesin west

in and out stop for protein style burgers, animal style fries (pictured) and neopolitan shakes

breakfast date with lar & auntie jodi

the whole crew sporting seahawks jerseys at the final round of the phoenix open

the famous 16th hole at the phoenix open

selfie- jenn & i representing in our new golf hats and seahawks jerseys