Sunday, November 29, 2009

baby luau!

since we couldn't make it to hawaii for a proper baby luau,
we did the best we could and brought the luau to oregon!
there was matching aloha wear for thad and jackson, authentic
hawaiian food from kauai island grill, festive decor, mai tais,
lots of friends, and shirtless cake eating!
a party to remember!

good times!

group pic

the fam

pre party posing with grammie

grampie (wearing the shirt he wore when i was born...!!!) and jz

matching baby-daddy reyn's shirts

hula girl and boy cupcakes
(who says the green coconut is good for easter only!?)

festive decor

steve, jz and grampie lar

the morrows (standing in for nana and cap'n) & jackson

amelia, todd and thad

mai tais for thad and gmo

gigi and grammie

baby's first mai tai

cake time *shirtless, of course

a little cake help from dad


party people- jeff, steve, jz and cyndi (go beavs!)

lounging with auntie amelia

me and my birthday boy...awww

J, Z, L cookie party favors

my birthday candle has been passed on to jackson...


reading a new bday book

new wheely bug bee from grammie and grampie

Saturday, November 28, 2009

good times

we've been having lots of fun with grammie lin
and grandpa lar in town...there's been lots of
festivities, playing, eating, party prep and good times over here.
we also celebrated patti p's birthday with an awesome
bbq and the best cake ever!

happy birthday patti p!!!

the birthday girl, steve-o, and the DIVINE cake linda j made!

grampie lar & jackson & his spoon

grammie and "baby jackie"

grampie and grammie in jackson heaven

happy guys

fun with grammie

the "face"

Friday, November 27, 2009

the park

a little help from grammie

the coupe goes everywhere!

Thursday, November 26, 2009


we had a festive thanksgiving feast
at linda j & big guy's house with the whole gang.
jackson definitely enjoyed his very 1st thanksgiving!
his favorite thanksgiving foods were the stuffing,
turkey, yams and rolls...YUM!
grammie lin and grandpa lar are visiting, making
it an extra special occasion....
we sure have a lot to be thankful for this year!!!

grandpa lar & jackson in almost matching shirts

playing ball with dad

place cards by riley

jackson surrounded by ladies

hanging out with riley

edna & jackson having fun

jackie sharing his dinner with patti p...

grandpa lar, jackson, riley & hilda (big guy's mom)

thunder thighs!!!!